the most ping pong tiddly in the nuclear sub

five hundred movies in seven hundred something days

…and we’re back

I don’t know where to start.  Things have happened, right?  As I am attempting to write this up, I am driving(riding) to my aunt’s house for easter sunday.  We do this every year.  There are eggs out there, and we need to find them…for Jesus?  I’ve always liked this tradition, but it’s been a few years since I was allowed to participate.  Apparently finding eggs in your four year old cousin’s basket is frowned upon.  Now that valuable life lesson that I was trying to teach is lost on her…work smart, not hard.  When proofreading this paragraph, I decided it was best to say that I made the egg-stealing story up, but still keep it around because the thought is funny to me.

It’s a relief, this time of year, going outside and not seeing grey…gray?..greay?  It’s actually greay right now, but the grass is that perfect tint of green and there are leaves on the trees.  March madness just finished, and this year Butler broke my heart, and Texas broke my bracket.  It was a fun ride though, going to Moe and Jonny’s for the day to watch the Bulldogs each game.  Thanks for picking up the tab, Jim.  When you are old and greay, I will buy your diapers for you, but I’m hiring someone else to wipe your ass.  Now that the madness is over, the NBA(and NHL, I guess) playoffs just started and Black Mamba is going for number six.  Buy me a few rounds, and I will argue to the death why he is the GOAT.  Seriously though, it may/may not be true but the argument is there…and that’s something, right?

In addition to all these good things happening at once, I am not only healed, I am climbing again.  I even did a dyno the other day.  It was off the right foot, but still, I did it.  It’s only a matter of time before the sponsors start noticing me too(congrats, Neal).  Friends in town, I need belayers, so come climbing with me, okay?  Also, the pleasure of your company would be pretty okay, I guess.

Since the last time I posted, we have watched two movies: Jailhouse Rock(496) and Sideways(495).  I say ‘we’ there because you should be coming over and watching them too(high fives if you already are).  Anyway, this post is gonna be a two-fer.  I don’t plan on making a habit of this but I got lazy.

I’ll start with Elvis(I can’t remember his name in the movie).  It has been a while since I watched this movie so I won’t go into any detail(I don’t usually anyway), but I thought it was pretty good.  Not my favorite, but pretty good.  It’s the story of a blue collar kid working his way up from the bottom and how he handles life at the top.  Except for when he is at the bottom, he is in jail for manslaughter.  Ya, Elvis killed a guy…with his bare hands.  He gets famous in jail or a concert featuring some of the prisoners, including his cellmate.  Guess which song he performed.  After he gets out, he hooks up with a producer his career takes off.  Throughout the movie, I kept thinking that Elvis was kind of an asshole and he’s gonna get his.  Finally his old cellmate confronts him, they scuffle, and Elvis gets hit in the throat.  This is where my blu-ray player decided it had had enough of the scratches on the disc and gave up.  I like to think that he would never sing again(he gets his), so I am okay with this “ending”.  Seriously, once wikpedia wasn’t able tell me how it ends, my search for the ending was over.  According to the label there was only a couple of minutes left in the movie anyway so I didn’t miss much.

Sideways was a movie that I know I mentioned as a movie that I was not looking forward to, since hating it freshman year of college.  But I actually ended up looking forward to this movie more than any of the others so far.  The reason being was that we had at least ten people over at my place for BYOM(bring your own merlot) night.  The irony was fun for me and the movie played second fiddle to the conversation with a handful of my closest, sitting around on the couch, bottle in hand(so classy), and purple on our teeth.  For the last week and a half, I’ve been debating rewatching the movie since we only paid attention to a few scenes, which I actually enjoyed.  Maybe this movie wasn’t so bad after all.  I guess I’ll find out someday, because once I get back to the apartment that netflix envelope is getting sealed up and thrown in the mailbox.  It’s time to move on.